For the Nerd in Your Life: Fun Gift Ideas (and Great Sales) from

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Without a doubt the person on my holiday shopping list who is the toughest to buy for is my husband. He’s not really into gifts, which makes gift-giving hard right from the start. And he’s a bit of a minimalist, too. He wants things that are highly functional (read: boring) and doesn’t care for too much “fluff” in his life.

But he’s married to someone whose love language is gifts. I want to shower him with fun surprizes! One of the stores I have turned to for several years, now is The name pretty much says it all! If you have someone in your life whose tastes lean toward science, science-fiction, fantasy or anything else on the geek/nerd spectrum, this place is worth a look. They actually have some surprisingly cool items that might just bring out your own inner geek!

For example: one practical item we need in our home is another phone charger (I can’t even count how many we have lost on out of town trips). But here’s an opportunity to turn a boring purchase into something festive!

usb lights

This is the iPhone Merry Phone charger ($14.99) and how can this not make you smile? I’m not going to put it away after the holidays are over, either! It’s SO much cooler than a standard charger. I love it!

star wars bowl 2

And seeing as how we have a daughter named Layah (prounced the same as Princess Leia), it should go without saying that we LOVE Star Wars in our home. We recently watched episode VI, and to celebrate, I surprised everyone with these totally awesome R2-D2 and C-3PO ceramic bowls. They are generously sized for yummy popcorn. Even Wicket wants to get in on that action. They are also priced right at just $19.99 for the pair on

star wars bowls

And though we got to travel to a galaxy far, far away thanks to our television, our bodies had to stay in our own solar system. So we enjoyed lots of snacks out of these GORGEOUS planet glasses ($49.99). Pluto is included (yes, I know that it’s status as a planet is up for debate) and the sun is included, as well. These were such a huge hit and I would highly recommend them as a fun gift idea (that is also practical…everyone needs glasses!). It will be totally unexpected but very much loved.

planet glasses 1 Major Sale! 

Right now is offering 20% off every purchase of $40 or up. And by going through to place your order, you’ll also earn 4% cash back on your purchase. You can also snag free shipping on orders of $75 or higher. It’s a great time to go find rad gifts for those folks on your list who are a bit difficult to shop for. has never let me down!

Do you see anythng on that you’d like to get (either for yourself or for someone on your gift list?)? 


Ozobot Review: Introduction to Coding for Kids for Under $50!

Thanks to Ozobot for the review product. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


I recently read that 65% of the jobs that people who are currently children will have don’t even exist yet. Say what?!?! It’s just a tad overwhelming to think about how in the world to prepare our kids for work that hasn’t even been created yet.

But one thing I do feel confident about is that it is critical for our children to understand how technology works. I’m not talking about how to find Netflix on the iPad, either. I’m talking about having a basic understanding of what goes on inside a computer so that it can play Netflix in the first place, or run the game you like to play. I’m talking about coding.

I think this is a foundational language (yes, language!) that today’s children need to learn in order to be better prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. Will computers still run the same way that they do now in 15 years? Most likely not, but I know that when I was growing up, understanding how to play on an Apple IIe was a gateway for me to feel comfortable on a Dell and an iMac and beyond. The same is true for our kids. Knowing the basic language of computers will make them more comfortable to adapt and thrive as technology shifts and changes.

So how do you help a young child learn how to code? There are actually a surprisingly large number of options out there, and I’ll be highlighting a few of them this holiday season. I think perhaps the most budget-friendly option I found (that is amazing…there are other budget-friendly options that don’t wow me) is the Ozobot. You can get an Ozobot Starter Pack for $49.99.

ozobot 1

The recommended minimum age for this awesome little robot is 6. Obviously you would need to make a judgment call based on your own child’s interests. After playing around with it a while myself (during which time I learned quite a bit, which was fun!), I think it’s going to be perfect for my oldest in about 8 months, when she turns 7.

ozobot 2

You can find this adorable, customizeable, tiny robot at places like Barnes & Noble,  Toys R Us and Amazon. Curious how it works? Well, it’s coding language is color-based! It comes with a booklet that shows you the color sequences that you can use to give the robot different instructions. Little ones can use some of the provided materials to create a course for the ozobot to run on, or they can draw their own (markers are included). They can also use a tablet and the free Ozobot app to play more fun games!

ozobot 3

The starter pack comes with over 20 activities for your ozobot to perform, as well as code on reusable stickers and ozobot skins with sticker sheets so you can create a customized look for your bot. A USB charging cable is also included.

What an amazing, budget-friendly option for parents who want to get their kids starting with the world of coding. I’m really impressed with this product, and I’m looking forward to learning right alongside my kids! To the future!!!


THE Box of the Season: It’s Fab, It’s Fit and It’s Fun!

Special thanks to FabFitFun and Pollen-8 Media for providing a product sample. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. Referral links may be included at no expense to you. 

Friends are you struggling a bit to come up with holiday gift ideas for yourself? Every year I tell myself that I’m going keep a running list of ideas for me, and every year I DON’T do it, and I draw a blank when people ask me for ideas.

If you find yourself in that position, here’s a great gift idea that I think you’ll really like! Ask for a FabFitFun VIP membership! FabFitFun sends out a VIP box to its members every 3 months (so 4 times a year) and it is loaded with full-size products and has a retail value of at least $200, all for just $49.99.

I was sent the fall box, and I cannot wait to show you all the goodies!

FabFitFun box 1

Inside this box I found 11 AWESOME items designed to help me stay fab and fit and to have fun this season. And the value of this box? A whopping $357!!!! Here are some of my favorite items.

fabfitfun box 3

Such an adorable design for this umbrella that retails for $32. I absolutely adore it.

fabfitfun box 5

It’s pretty hard to look at this photo and not have a good laugh. This has to be one of the most unique beauty treatments I have ever had. My daughter commented on how much I resembled C3PO, and I quite agree! This is the Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mast with Collagen and Rose Oil by Passport to Beauty. It comes with 2 applications and retails for $65, so it really is quite an indulgence.

fabfitfun box 4

I have heard of the Puple Purse campaign, which is about supporting women who are suffering from domestic violence and financial abuse. By clipping this tassel onto your purse, you can help spread the word!

fabfitfun box 2

I also really loved this lip stain from Manna Kadar Cosmetics. This is a new brand to me, and I was incredibly impressed by the staying power of the product. Usually something this shiny just slips right off the lips, but I found this product to be much different, and I loved that. This retails for $24.

Other great items in this box:

  • 3D White Brilliance 2-Step System by Crest (sample)
  • Flawless Skin Fluid by Doctor D. Schwab ($39)
  • HISY Battery Pack ($24.99)
  • Strength Tubing Ankle & Total Body Tone with DVD ($33)
  • Glass Crystal Bead Bracelet by Tribe Alive ($49)
  • Gift Card by Jeweler’s Wife ($15)
  • Gift Card by Picture It On Canvas ($75)

Additionally, the VIP box comes with a magazine that shares more detailed information about the products in the box and the artists who created them. I really enjoyed getting such a nice surprise in the mail, and I think it would be a really fund treat to look forward to each season.

If you are drawing a blank on what to ask for this year, check out the FabFitFun VIP membership and consider asking for that, and then you’ll get amazing gifts all year long!

Rockin’ that Boho Chic Look at Preschool: FabKids November Style

Thanks to FabKids for providing the review outfit. I’m a proud FabKids customer and love showing off their looks! Referral links may be included. 

No doubt you’ve seen fringe on pretty much everything this fall. It’s a very hot look, and one that I myself am loving! Look at these FabKids boots that just came out and that get the trend just perfect.

fabkids fringe boot

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that this particular style is sold out right now! But check out the FabKids boots selection because they have dozens of looks that you just might love.

Now let’s talk about the whole outfit.

fabkids hippie dress 2 They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the look little Layah gave the camera says an awful lot. She LOVES this outfit and I think it’s safe to say that she feels quite confident in it 😉

I think the whole looks is just adorable. This is the Boho Love outfit, which you can get for $29.95 (includes dress and leggings in your choice of colors). It’s a winning outfit, for sure. And the pattern of the dress is so bright and cheery!

fabkids hippie dress 1

If you’ve never tried FabKids before, be sure to give them a look. By using my referral link, you can get an outfit free when you buy your first outfit. Also note their great sale section!


A Natural Lift for Your Post-Baby Body Thanks to Vanity Fair

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity FairLingerie. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation. #WomenWhoDo

If applicable, do you remember your body before you had kids? If you were like most women you had a list of things that you’d like to improve about your body back then. I know I did!

And now let me ask you: what would you give to have that pre-baby body back? Oh my gosh, I didn’t know how good I had it! 😉 And one of the ways my body has changed the most is when it somes to the natural “lift” of my breasts. Oh what a toll those little ones take on that part of your body!

vanity fair flattering lift 1

So when I received the brand new Flattering Lift bra from Vanity Fair lingerie in the mail a few weeks back, I was pretty darn excited. A little lift certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing for me in this season of life. But before I tried on the bra, I worried that the “lift” would be extra padding. As a woman with a larger chest, I shy away from anything that adds more to my chest size. Fortunately, that’s not how this particular bra is designed, at all.

vanity fair flattering lift 2

The Flattering Lift bra is designed with your comfort in mind. I noticed the secure stitching in the back (and also along the edges of the underwire to keep that “poke” at bay).  It also has a very natural-feeling “bump pad” and this adds gentle lift and a slight boost. It’s nothing that looks in any way unnatural, silly or like you are trying to show off your assets too strongly. 😉 I can tell you from experience that the bra feels great and it looks great, too!

The Flattering Lift Collection just launched this fall and it’s definitely one I would recommend to my fellow mamas out there. We may not be able to get our post-baby bodies back but Vanity Fair has us covered!

I’ve been sharing this year about how Vanity Fair has played a significant role, in partnership with Dress for Success, at providing a foundation for women to look and feel their best when setting out into the workforce. Vanity Fair can provide the same thing for you. I’ve been wearing their bras almost exclusively for the past 4 months and I’ve been so pleased with how great they look, and how great I feel when I’m wearing them.

vanity fair guarantee

And should you not be pleased with a purchase, know that Vanity Fair stands behind their products and would be happy to provide a refund within 30 days of purchase. I found their great guarantee on the back of my bra hanger. You’ve got nothing to lose and a bit of a lift to gain! Go for it, sister!