Does Jewelry Confuse You? Me, Too (That’s Why I Love BaubleBar!)

Thanks to BaubleBar for sending along a gift card for me to use and the sweet discount code for my readers. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. Affiliate links may be included. 

Friends, I don’t meant to sound like an octogenarian, but I just can’t keep up with what’s hip these days when it comes to jewelry. It’s all I can do to grab a few pieces from each season’s clothing line at Target, and if you request that I accessorize myself in addition…well you’ve just gone too far.

Jewelry just overwhelms me. 

But I still like to look put together on any day where my standard uniform of a t-shirt and yoga pants isn’t going to cut it. That’s why I’m happy to have found BaubleBar, which is an online site devoted to bringing you a carefully edited collection of on-trend jewelry pieces that will work for you, whether you are in a corporate setting, a more laid-back environment, or even if you can push the style boundaries with really edgy looks. There’s something for everyone there, for sure!

Take a moment to look around on the BaubleBar site, friends. You’ll find amazing curated collections, ideas for ways to wear different pieces, and you’ll even see instagram photos that other shoppers have taken with their purchased pieces (this is one of my very favorite things about the site…seeing this jewelry in real life on other customers!).

I recently did some shopping on the site and took a video of my unboxing. Check it out to hear more of my thoughts on BaubleBar and to see the pieces!

Ok, so the question I said I would answer for you is whether or not you have to pay shipping on your returns. If your item was on sale, it is a final sale, so that’s important to know first and foremost. The return label that I had in my package was one that would NOT require me to pay postage, so that’s good!

Ok, so here are closer looks at each of the pieces I purchased. The photos are hyperlinked to the website, so feel free to click on them to check out the piece on the BaubleBar site.

1. String Fling set ($25)

baublebar string fling

2. Amethyst Sea Glass Drops ($62) (no longer available, sorry!)

baublebar amethyst sea glass

3. Neutral Foliage Studs ($38)

baublebar neutral foliage studs4. Tiered Crystal Pendant ($34)

baublebar tiered crystal pendant

5. Silver Bojangles Bracelet Set ($48) (no longer available…stuff goes fast on BaubleBar, I guess!)

baublebar silver bojangles bracelet set

6. Gold Bolt Collar ($36)

baublebar gold bolt collar

So what was your favorite piece from the items I selected for the fall? So far, the piece I’m wearing out like crazy is the fall foliage earring set. I’m still warming up to the collar necklace…it’s just so different for me! But I love its simplicity, so I think once I find the right neckline to pair with it, I’ll definitely be wearing it.

If you are ready for some updated looks, I’ve got a coupon code just for you! Use STUFFPARENTSNEED at checkout and you’ll score 20% off the bill. And don’t forget to check out the sale section before you check out, as they have stuff staring at $10. AND…shipping is FREE! :-)

Go get yourself some pretty baubles for the fall! 

Brace Yourselves: Cold and Flu Season is Coming (So Cube Up!)

This post brought to you by Huggies and Kleenex. All opinions are 100% mine.

The school “crud” has already arrived at our house, a mere two weeks after school began. We are using our essential oils to keep the germs to a minimum, but even with their help, we are literally blowing through our stash of tissues.

So I headed out to Sam’s Club on Friday to get cubed up for the season. Kleenex Ultra Soft  is the brand our noses love and appreciate the most, and Sam’s Club is currently offering it in the biggest bundle available of the very popular cube box.

 photo kleenex1_zps2db4e990.jpg

I have 2 main reasons why I love the cube version of KLEENEX® Ultra Soft. The first is that it takes up less space than the rectangle tissue boxes. We live in a small home, and honestly, every square inch needs to count in this place. We like to go vertical instead of horizontal as often as possible, for everything from big to small. The cube is a better design for a space-conscious dwelling. Since these packages take up less space, I’m able to get stocked up on them without worry that I won’t have enough room in my closet where extras like this go.

 photo kleenex3_zps927492c1.jpg

The second reason is because the cube version is really easy to tote around. The package at Sam’s Club makes it easy for me to give every individual in this house his or her own cube. Not only can they have a home base in each person’s room, but they can also travel with them on those sniffly days when they just need to use a lot.

And friends, those sniffly days are already upon us. I’m seeing a whole lot of this around my house right now:

 photo kleenex2_zps708866df.jpg

And there’s not a raw nose in the bunch, thanks to KLEENEX® Ultra Soft.

Convenient Pick Up

Here’s a tip for my fellow Sam’s Club shoppers: use the free online order pickup at to get your KLEENEX® Ultra Soft and you’ll be in and out of Sam’s like a flash. If you are like me, it’s hard to walk in there without dropping at least $150, so that little tip might save you some money by way of avoiding temptation!

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Three Simple Changes I Have Made to My Routine (for a Happier Morning!)

This post is part of the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® 2014 program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, who sent me a box of products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are all my own, and I hope you enjoy them.

I’ve written about my oldest starting kindergarten this year over and over and OVER again (I had a lot to process, y’all!). But I’ve been much more quiet about my little Layah starting school. Her adventure started just yesterday, and I sat in her classroom to help her feel more comfortable with the transition (school rules, not me trying to be a helicopter mom!).

layah first day

I’m so glad I was on hand to observe her first day, because my suspicions about how Layah would handle going to school were spot-on. Every single time her teacher introduced her to a new lesson, she SQUEALED with delight! This kid is ready for a few hours of Montessori education, and some fun with new friends, too. I teared up a bit while watching her, but those were happy tears because I knew she was so ready.

But as it turns out, our morning routine is about to get even trickier as we have to get both girls packed up and ready to go (and I just learned that Layah will be eating lunch at school before heading home at noon…gotta go get another lunch box!). I’ve been doing some experimenting with our evening and morning routines to figure out what simple changes make the biggest impact on our routine. As much as I’d love to make 15 changes that all promote efficiency, that isn’t going to happen. But here are 3 that are sticking for us:

1. Laying Out Clothes the Night Before

healthy essentials morning routine 2

There are 4 people in this house who need to be dressed and ready for the day by 7:45 am. Two of those people need some form of assistance getting ready (our 5-year-old can’t reach some of her clothes in her closet, and our 2 year old, when left to dress herself, puts on an owl costume, so there’s that…). Now that I know this routine is going to stick, I’m going to get some extra hooks for the girls’ rooms so that their clothing options don’t go on the floor. You may be able to get away with laying out just one outfit for your kiddos, but my girls MUST have choices. :-)

2. Cleaning the Kitchen Before Bed

healthy essentials morning routine 3

This is really a huge gift to myself, even though I grumble about it after dinner while cleaning up. I get up REALLY early and do my early morning work at our kitchen table, which boasts a million dollar view of our kitchen. It is very deflating to start my day off by staring at a pile of dishes and junked up kitchen counters. I’m left feeling guilty that they are dirty, and conflicted about whether I should spend my precious morning time doing my job (the blog) or doing housework. A dirty kitchen also makes breakfast prep and lunch box prep more difficult. Starting the day with a clean kitchen has been truly wonderful, friends. And I aim for about 90% clean…if I insisted that it be perfect, I’d just give up!

3. Washing My Face with Something Invigorating

healthy essentials morning routine 1

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit helps get me going in the morning in a major way. I skip right over waiting for the water in the faucet to warm up and go for a cold wash. The scent and the little scrubbies in this cleaner leave me feeling so fresh and so clean, clean! Whatever you choose for your morning face care routine, know that there are some wonderful products out there to meet specific needs, whether it is spot treatment, wake me up, or make me glow (or all of the above!). Healthy Essentials can make for easier morning routines, and right now you’ll find more than $40 in savings on Neutrogena products, as well as a whole host of other items. So go get something to help you wake up a little easier in the morning, and save some $$ in the process!

I’d love to hear about routines you have in place (evening or morning!) that help your family get out the door faster and with less stress! 


Babies on the Move – What’s Your #MovingMoment?

This post brought to you by Huggies® Little Movers. All opinions are 100% mine.

by Alanna Peters

I always hear people talking about how sad they are that their babies are growing too fast. I get it but, in all honesty, I’m kind of looking forward to the time when my baby doesn’t need my constant attention. Don’t get me wrong…I adore my sweet, chubby baby and I love that I’m the one she wants – that I’m the one that can solve all her problems and make everything right in her world. But at the same time, Mama needs a break! I’m having so much fun watching her grow and become an independent little person, and it’s so exciting watching her move and find her way around in this big, big world.

I know you’re not supposed to compare your children to one another, but it’s so interesting to see how they are the same and how they differ. When my girls were born I felt like they were duplicates of each other – same coloring, same length, and only an ounce difference in weight. The similarities have really stopped there though. They look COMPLETELY different from each other. Their personalities are totally different. And my little one? HUGE. I mean really, she is growing SOOO fast! She’s totally surpassed where her sister was at this age. She’s already got two teeth (at 5 1/2 months), where her sister didn’t even start teething until over 10 months. My oldest didn’t crawl until 8 1/2 months but started walking at 10 months. I’m so curious to see how the little one gets moving!

Right now my little baby is a master at spinning a 180, either on her tummy or her back. She also sits like a champ and is starting to propel herself forward in an attempt to crawl. She will even occasionally roll (or at least try to) when the urge strikes. She’s SO excited to start exploring her world!

One new concern with a baby on the move is finding a diaper that moves with her. Over the past few months we’ve tried several diaper brands and with some of them we get leaks. LOTS of leaks. Every baby is shaped differently so obviously different diaper brands are going to fit babies’ legs and waists differently, but they are all pretty much the same when it comes to the grippy tabs. That is, until the new Huggies®  Little Movers diapers came along!


These diapers are awesome – I was impressed right away. Those grippy tabs? TWO layers, guys. Two! Take a look at this. That extra level of soft, Velcro grippiness keeps the diaper in place on my baby, even when she’s spinning in a circle.


The waistband is stretchy and makes for a nice, snug fit with the protection of the Huggies LeakLock system. They even have new colors and graphics! I’m not a big character fan but I actually love these new Mickey Mouse designs. The colors are so bright and fun!


Want to try Huggies Little Movers? (I know you do!) Right now you can upload a photo or video of your baby’s Moving Moment and get a $2 coupon! I uploaded a photo of my little cutie sitting unassisted for the first time. She was SOOOO proud of herself. (And isn’t she totally adorable?!)


You can also check out my moving moment on the Huggies site.

Not sure which moment to share? Get inspired by these fun, exclusive movements and activities designed by Huggies and celebrity fitness instructor and mom, Nikki Glor.  They will get baby and parents moving! Our favorite is the Patty Cake Crunch and BackRoll. It helps to build her lower body strength and balance, and it works my core. (And believe me, I need that right now!) The Huggies Little Movers waistband stretches as my baby balances and flips. We also like to Act Like Animals together – she LOVES it when I’m down on the floor enjoying tummy time with her (and we are both working our cores)! We aren’t ready for all the exercises yet, as they are geared for babies of all developmental stages. I’m looking forward to doing more and more of these activities with her as she grows – not only do they get her moving but they  help me stay fit too!

Now, head on over to and Share your Moving Moment. Along with your coupon, you’ll also have a chance to be featured on the Huggies Facebook Page!


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After School Snacks: 12 Great Ideas!

Thanks to for partnering with me today to form this curated collection of AWESOME school lunch recipes! All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.

Check out After School Noshing

by Tiffany at

We’ve been back at school for a week and a half, and we are starting to get in our lunch groove, which is good. But we haven’t figured out this after school snack business AT ALL. It only make sense that my child would be hungry after 7 hours of work and play, but I have NO plan for what to offer her that will give her a boost but not spoil her dinner (especially since we have dinner at 5…we’re bringing early bird back, friends).

So check out my 12 ideas for simple and good snacks on Foodie. Then let me know what you are serving up because I could use some more ideas!