Socks By Mail? A Closer Look at Foot Cardigan Sock Subscription Service

Complimentary socks provided for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.

If I can get something delivered to me and avoid having to make a trip to the store, (ESPECIALLY if that store is actually the mall) then I’m game to give it a try.

If getting that something delivered regularly can help me solve a problem, even better!

Friends, meet my problem:

foot cardigan 1

This is the contents of our “lonely sock” bag. We try to go through it at least twice a month to make matches. Ok, in truth we go through it at 7:50 am on school mornings when we are supposed to already be in the car but can’t get out the door because our kids are sock-less.  Can anyone out there feel my pain? Why can’t socks seem to stick together? They are loners at heart, I suppose.

Enter a fun subscription service called Foot Cardigan. There are subscriptions available for men and women, but we chose to review the options for the kids, or as Foot Cardigan refers to them, Whippersnappers.

foot cardigan 3

By signing up for a Foot Cardigan Whippersnappers subscription, you can get 2 random pairs of socks delivered to your door each month. You are seeing two example subscriptions above, one in size medium (for ages 6-9) and one in size small (for ages 3-6). The socks are random in their assortment, but rest assured that you don’t get 4 random individual socks! You get 2 pairs. :-)

foot cardigan 2

But of course that doesn’t mean that your little ones won’t want to wear them in a random fashion! :-) The socks were instant hits with my girls, and I was pleased with the fun patterns that were sent our way. A monthly subscription is $11 (plus $2 shipping) or if you spring for the year subscription, you get one month free.

For me, $13 is a bit steep for 2 pairs of socks, cute though they may be. To be fair, this is in line with the prices I have seen at places like Gymboree that also offer super cute socks. And you don’t have to brave the mall to get them.

I think Foot Cardigan is a super cute gift idea for the young fashion hound or fashionista on your shopping list. I have noticed that kids in my oldest daughter’s class seem to care quite a bit about how original their socks are, so if your kid feels similarly, then this is a great way to get some great styles that classmates probably won’t have.

For more detailed information about Foot Cardigan subscriptions, click here.

On the Importance of Daily Ritual: A Peek at My Afternoon Coffee Break

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by General Mills through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Fiber One’s® Brownies & Bars, all opinions are my own.

Friends, today I want to give you a peek into a very special part of my day. I would even go so far as to call it sacred. Every afternoon, right around 1pm, I claim 20 minutes as my own, and I use that time to treat myself, to be quiet, and to recharge. I want to show you exactly how I manage to make that happen every single day, even though I have a rambunctious 3-year-0ld (who no longer naps!) home with me in the afternoons.

fiberone streusel coffee break 1

When my youngest gave up her afternoon nap, I was borderline horrified. I had come to count on that 45 minute stretch of time every afternoon to get some work done. What I realized after losing that chunk of time, was that the time it gave me to work wasn’t even the most important thing: it was the time it gave me to recharge that I so desperately needed.

So I took a note from marketing professionals, and rather than do away with the now-unpopular naptime, I re-branded it. Yes, indeed, I conducted an intense marketing campaign with my children to turn the time into something new: quiet time!

Just as my children had to compromise and agree to spend a portion of time quietly playing in their rooms by themselves, I also had to compromise. I reduced the amount of time down to 20 minutes, which is what I discovered through trial and error that I really needed in order to get through the rest of the day without being grumpy.

fiberone streusel 2

Now every afternoon (yes, even on weekends if we aren’t out and about!), I set this precious timer. My children are well trained to know when it has gone off and not to come out of their rooms until they hear that ding.

I have even learned to put all of my afternoon coffee break items in a basket. This helps me make the most out of my 20 minutes and not spend the time searching the house for the book I want to read, or searching the pantry for the right snack. It also is a powerful visual demonstration of the importance of this quiet time for mommy. I have dedicated intentional space in our (small) home to the items that help me recharge. By doing so, I am giving this ritual importance and a bit of reverence.

fiberone streusel coffee break 3

In my basket, I keep coffee beans and a coffee grinder. Only my afternoon coffee gets this royal treatment, as I’m just too tired in the morning to grind coffee (and I also don’t want to wake anyone!). But freshly ground coffee is THE BEST! I also keep a clean mug and a reusable straw, as well as the book I’m currently reading (right now it’s SherylSandburg’s Lean In). My timer is in the basket, and last but not least, my special snacks. These are off limits to little hands and are exclusively reserved for mama’s afternoon quiet time.

My favorite snack to keep in my basket is from Fiber One®. I have previously told you all about their amazing cheesecake bars, which I HIGHLY recommend, but I also want to show you their strawberry streusel bar.

fiberone streusel 5

This, my friends, is where it’s at. Such an incredible, delicious treat, just waiting for me every afternoon. A Fiber One® streusel bar is a little pick me up that feel completely indulgent but that is also quite sensible. It’s the perfect choice for me during my special quiet time.

fiberone streusel 1

In the midst of the work I am called to do for my business, for my family and for my home, it is SO critical that I take a slice of time during the day just for me. I firmly believe that I am a better version after myself when I practice self-care.

I hope you have a daily ritual of some sort that brings happiness back into focus for you. If not, give my 1pm coffee break ritual a try and see what you think!

fiberone streusel 3

Six Flags Over Georgia Fright Fest (with Small Children)

Complimentary tickets to Fright Fest provided by Six Flags Over Georgia. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed over the weekend that my family was enjoying a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG). October may seem like a strange time of year to visit a place well known for its summer fun, but SFOG has a lot to offer over the holidays, including Fright Fest, happening every weekend through the end of the month.

six flags over georgia fright fest 6

I will be the first to tell you that I do NOT like to be scared. You couldn’t pay me enough to go to a haunted house, much less to walk about an entire theme park where folks can jump out and scare me at any given moment. If you are the type of person who loves that type of thing, though, the night time activities at SFOG are right for you. The haunts come out at 6pm and will absolutely terrorize you!

six flags over georgia fright fest 5

We left the park at 5:55pm, no joke. We soaked up every second of fun that we could right until the mood was about to turn ghoulish. And I saw plenty of families with younger kids who planned to stay in the park once things took on a decidedly scary vibe. SFOG actually offers special “ghoul be gone” rings to any child who wants the spooky characters to leave him or her alone, and I have been told that they are trained to do exactly that, and even run away from the sight of those rings. So if you have a little one who thinks getting frightened is cool, but who at the same time is still just a kid and might get a bit too frightened, the complimentary rings are the way to go.  six flags over georgia fright fest 1

But during the day at Fright Fest, there is so much fun to be had and the thrills are much more gentle. We enjoyed complimentary pumpkin painting, as well as checking out all the great decorations all over the partk (some were super scary, and some were just a little spooky!).

six flags over georgia fright fest 4

In the Looney Toons section of the park, which is designed just for the kids, we found different characters handing out candy! SCORE!!! Kids are actually encouraged to wear their costumes to the park, but we had to forgo that option since it was really rainy the day we visited.

six flags over georgia fright fest 2

We also discovered story time happening in this part of the park. New spooky stories were shared every hour by a really great story teller. It was a very simple concept, but it was one of my girls’ very favorite things all day long! We actually attended story time twice per their request.

six flags over georgia fright fest 3

The other thing I noticed about visiting the park during the fall, ESPECIALLY on a rainy day, was the low crowds. We did not encounter a wait line all day long (though keep in mind my family wasn’t riding any roller coasters…I did see lines there, though they were very short!). Can I just tell you how much fun it is to visit a theme park and to just hop right on any ride you choose? It was AWESOME!!!

So low crowds, lots of thrills and lots of fun await folks who head to Six Flags Over Georgia for Fright Fest. My family had a ton of fun, and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to others!

Six Flags Over Georgia is open for Fright Fest Friday nights, as well as all day and into the night on Saturdays and Sundays. Detailed information about park hours and ticket prices can be found here.


Flaky Crust Butternut Squash Pot Pie (Just 6 Ingredients!)

When I find a particular food (especially veggies) that my girls will both happily eat, I try to figure out as many ways as humanly possible to offer it to them. Today’s super yummy recipe is inspired by the fact that both of my girls seem to enjoy butternut squash, both love pot pies, and both love bacon (but then again, who doesn’t love bacon?!). And as the chef, I like to keep my ingredient list to a minimum, so you’ll only find 6 ingredients in this recipe for a Flaky Crust Butternut Squash Pot Pie. Six ingredients is crazy, because pot pies I’ve made before have easily had 15 ingredients in them. Nobody has time for that mess during the holiday season which has most definitely begun, like it or not!

butternut squash pot pie 2 Let’s put this awesome dish together so you can see how to make it for your crew. It’s absolutely perfect for some of those first chilly nights that are starting to happen all over the country.


butternut squash pot pie 8

  • 2 small butternut squash
  • 1 small container sliced mushrooms
  • 1 package sliced bacon
  • 1 large container Cream of Mushroom Soup (roughly 2 1/2 cups)
  • 1 package Pillsbury Pie Crust
  • 1 package Pillsbury Crescents

I found all the ingredients I needed all thanks to one stop at Walmart.

To begin, preheat your oven to 400 degrees and line 2 baking trays with aluminum foil. Add your bacon to the 2 trays, and once the oven is preheated, pop the trays in the oven for 15-17 minutes.

Meanwhile, peel your butternut squash and cut into bite-size pieces. If you are wondering about quantity, mine totaled right around 6 cups once diced.

butternut squash pot pie 7 I chose to steam my cubed butternut squash on the stove top in two batches for 7 minutes per batch. You could also steam your squash in the microwave if you prefer.

While your squash is steaming, your bacon should be cooked. Once you are able to safely touch the slices, move them to a plate lined with paper towels to help remove excess grease.

butternut squash pot pie 6 As for the bacon grease on the trays, let’s use it to add some awesome flavor to the veggies! Pour it into a large saute pan and turn the burner on to medium heat.

Now it’s time to cut the mushrooms to your liking. I put heaping 2 cups worth of diced mushrooms into this recipe. Once your bacon greased is warmed up, add your mushrooms and let them cook for 1 minute before adding all of your steamed squash. Cook the two veggies together in the bacon grease for another 2 minutes.

butternut squash pot pie 5 While your veggies are cooking, chop up your bacon. I use a pair of kitchen shears to get them cut into small pieces fast.

Now it’s time to add the cream of mushroom soup and the bacon to your sauteed vegetables. Go ahead and turn off the heat on the stove but leave the pan on the eye after you’ve mixed everything together.

Give your deep dish pie pan (or your cake pan, which is what I used!) a quick spritz with cooking spray and add the Pillsbury pie crust. Pour the contents of your saute pan on top.

butterut squash pot pie 4 Now for the fun part! Open your Pillsbury Crescents and add them to the top, piece by piece. Remember, pot pies are meant to have a rustic look, so don’t stress out trying to make everything look perfect!

butternut squash pot pie 3 Put your pot pie on a lower rack of your oven an bake it at 375 for 15-20 minutes, depending on how brown you’d like for your crust to be. Once it is done allow to cool for about 10 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

butternut squash pot pie 1 For my family, this recipe was a huge winner because it contained elements that everyone loved. My girls are notorious for asking for a completely different food item for their second helping at dinner (cereal, a pbj sandwich, etc.) so when they both asked for seconds of this pot pie, I knew I hit it out of the park!

I hope your family might really enjoy it, too! I also love that you can work on elements of the dish throughout the day if you are home, or you can even make some of it the night before or the morning of, depending on when you have the time. If you have your bacon and veggies already cooked and chopped and waiting for you in the fridge, then putting this meal together in the evening will go VERY quickly! :-)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pillsbury. The opinions and text are all mine.

(Giveaway!) A Fun Fall Family Adventure Awaits in Gulf County, Florida

This post brought to you by Visit Gulf County. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Stuff Parents Need.

In May my family decided to take a risk and try out a new (to us) part of Florida for our summer vacation: Gulf County.

 photo gulf county layah_zpse82xy6l6.jpg

We loved it so much that we have plans to return every year. It’s now our go-to place for an amazing retreat and a fun way to get rejuvinated.

What I really love about Gulf County, Florida is the relaxed vibe and the focus on nature. You won’t find tower after tower of condos or a crowded beach strip full of souvenir shops. But you will find some really cool stuff there, especially as it relates to nature.

My oldest, for example, spent an entire day playing with a tiny little clam she named Clammo. She used her pails to build him a little ecosystem, and even gave him a teary-eyed goodbye when the sun was setting and it was time to return him to the wet sand.

 photo clammo at sunset_zpsp41cwkbg.jpg

Fall may not seem like the best time of year to head back to the beach, but I actually think it’s a glorious time of year there. And Gulf County has a few fun adventures that I think would be just perfect for the month of October.

If I could go back this month, I’d be sure to go for a kayak ride on the Dead Lakes. Just look at how amazing (and yeah, spooky!) they look, especially when the fog comes off the water in the early morning!

 photo 13245660604_68cc163eb3_z_zpscwudk311.jpg

Another “gentle thrills” option would be to go shark fishing. Fish’N Xpress offers a 3 hour experience with all the logistics handled for you, including the equipment, bait and licenses. You can snare a tiger shark and get your photo taken with it before releasing it back into the water. Just imagine how your kids will love to tell the story of the time they caught a shark! :-)

 photo 11423390254_1ae0e32044_z_zpsmfibtao8.jpg

Finally, we’d head over to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park to see some wildlife. Deer, bobcats, squirrels, raccoons, Kingfishers, owls and otters call the park home and can be spotted by the watchful eye.

Take a moment to check out the Gulf County Adventure Guide to see what fun fall adventures might be right for your family, as I’ve barely scratched the surface with my ideas. There’s really something for everyone there, and I can tell you from experience that if relaxation is on your list, it doesn’t get any better than this place.


From now through 10/25, ten winners each week will win a $50 Visa gift card! You can put it toward a family adventure in your own community, or save it for your next trip to Gulf County! Be sure to share this great giveaway with your friends to spread the love around (and to give yourself a little good karma!).