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1. Drink Hot Lemon Water with Cayenne Pepper

The first thing you need to do for yourself is to make a cup of hot water. I do this in my Keurig because it only takes a few minutes, but you could also use a tea kettle or even your microwave. Once the water is nice and hot, squeeze half of a lemon into the water, and add two pinches of cayenne pepper. It’s not much for taste, but this combo gives your digestive system a powerful wake-up and really gets your body ready for the day. I have found that since I started drinking this little combo,  my energy level gets a boost. The cayenne helps boost the metabolism by elevating my body temperature a bit, and it is also shown to be a great aid in detoxing. Your liver is also getting some extra love, as is your skin. It’s great for the complexion! jimmy dean morning swap 2

2. Use a Serum
I recommend using a really great beauty serum every day, but especially on those days when makeup just isn’t going to happen. A beauty serum can give your skin a powerful dose of moisture and help you have a natural glow about you, which is exactly what you need. There are SO many great serums on the market. I recommend doing a little research and finding one that contains organic ingredients.
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3. Take 3 Minutes for Breakfast
I’m currently on my fourth box of Jimmy Dean Delights because they are AMAZING. These are my absolute FAVORITE go-to breakfast item for any time (I confess: I had one for lunch just yesterday) but especially on those, “Ain’t nobody got time for breakfast” mornings. The turkey sausage English muffin pictured above can go from packaged in your freezer to warm on your plate in 2 1/2 minutes. I love the fact that Jimmy Dean uses whole eggs, lean meats and whole grains in their products. I feel good about the choice, and I also get a lot more mileage out of this type of breakfast (thanks to the protein) than I do when I choose cereal. It’s also hand-held so if I’m in a major rush and need to eat in the car, it’s totally doable.
4. Wear Bold Lipstick
The serum you applied earlier will help your complexion, but you’d be surprised by just how much more put together you can look with a bold lip. I’m not wearing a stitch of makeup in the photo below other than a berry shade of lipstick. I can tell the difference between this look and my full makeup look, but that lipstick sure does make a huge difference, and it’s the makeup product that takes the least amount of time to apply, too.
jimmy dean morning swap 1
5. Statement Earrings
My other trick for those days when I know I won’t look polished is to go for a fun pair of earrings. I may not have time to thoughtfully construct an entire outfit, but similar to the mileage you can get out of bold lipstick, a great pair of statement earrings can make a t-shirt and jeans combo look surprisingly put together. Try it out tomorrow morning and see for yourself.
By taking just a few minutes to do these little morning swaps, you will soon find yourself feeling and looking great, and having enough fuel to power through your morning. Give them a try and I promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much better your morning routine becomes.
Jimmy Dean knows the power of the morning swap, and they recently had a real mom and a real farmer swap mornings to show where real ingredients like those in Jimmy Dean Delights come from, as well as to show the farmer how his crops are helping to power moms’ mornings. Definitely check it out!


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