Bringing a Bit of Summer to Winter Through a Road Trip with Enterprise Rent-a-Car

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This post brought to you by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of my very favorite places to visit in the winter is the Gulf Coast. The water is still (relatively) warm, the beaches are pristine (as always), and in the winter, everything is calm and quiet. It is so peaceful and restorative to take a walk along the beach in December, let me tell you! And if I could plan a winter road trip for my family to take right now, that's exactly where we'd be headed. And since my girls have never seen the ocean, I can't think of a more awesome introduction to it and to the beach than during the winter. 

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photo credit: Henry M. Diaz via photopin cc

On our way to the beach, though, we'd have to make a stop at a place that has piqued my oldest daughter's curiosity for a long time. We need to stop and check out the ginormous peach in Clanton, Alabama. 

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photo credit: (aka Brent) via photopin cc

You can see this peach from the interstate, and Darah wants to get a closer look. She wonders aloud every time we pass it on our way to my hometown if it is real or not. She's fairly sure that it isn't, but wants to make sure! And while winter is hardly peach season, there's a shop in town that sells incredible peach ice cream all year, so it would be fun to get a little taste of summer on our way to the beach. 

Taking road trips with kids really can be fun, if you have fun activities planned for them, and if you have the right vehicle for the trip. We own a Toyota Corolla, and we absolutely adore it. But our love for it does not hold out after several hours on the road. We all start to feel a bit cramped. 

Trips like this one are the perfect opportunity to visit Enterprise Rent-A-Car and take something a bit more spacious for a spin. And you definitely need to check out the Enterprise Plus Your Points promotion website. This is a fantastic trackable loyalty rewards program that Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers, and now through March 31, 2014, you can earn double points towards free rentals in the future! I think it is awesome that the rentals you make now will get you closer to free rentals later, which will make it that much easier to get back in the car (or van, in our case) and go exploring again. 

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Once you are registered on the Plus Your Points website, you'll be able to see a complete list of ways that you can earn points, including renting a vehicle with Enterprise, referring a friend to the program who rents a vehicle, and even tweeting a message out about the program! There are lots of ways to rack up points and get yourself on the road again faster! 

There are NO blackout dates for using your points, and as long as you have one qualifying rental within each two year period, your points won't expire, either! 

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If there's a road trip on your future, or if you'd like to make one happen, then definitely get signed up for this program. It's free! And be sure to Follow us on Facebook to hear about the latest great deals Enterprise is offering. That's another great way to save some money when you hit the road! 

Where would you go for a fun winter roadtrip? I'd love to hear! 

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    :) I grew up in Panama City! And believe you me, I’d much rather be there than hanging out at a random family member’s house in Vermont… My idea of a fun winter roadtrip is usually south Florida!

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