Homegrown Collective Subscription Box Review (Giveaway!)

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So this whole subscription box concept has really taken off, huh? I actually met a woman in my city a few days ago who is starting one up, and in the past month, I’ve probably read 15 different reviews for 15 different companies that offer this monthly gift service. Some of them are amazing. Many of them are just overpriced and not at all useful. But today I’ve got a real winner for you, at least I think so!

Check out Homegrown Collective. The concept behind this monthly box is to, “receive seasonally appropriate, professionally curated products that deliver the satisfaction of living a more self-sufficient & sustainable lifestyle to your doorstep each month.”

I recently received the February box from the company, and it was all about bees. We had all kinds of very interesting goodies to play with, including raw honey, bee pollen and beeswax, as well as essential oils and round tins for making our own lip salves. We even had a ball jar to use for adding rose hips to some of the honey so we could infuse it with a delicious special flavor. Darah asked to introduce you to the kit by way of a video. She is SO stinkin’ cute! Perhaps she needs to work on her product presentation a bit more, but still, I think we have a blogger (or perhaps a vlogger) in the making!

What I love about this kit is that the products are VERY useful, and that you have the opportunity to really learn something every month. I also think this box is EXTRA awesome for families with children, as children love to get to do experiments and to get to learn. Darah was a captive audience and a full participant in the process of making the lip balm and the rose hip infused honey. We talked a lot about the different products we were using and their purpose, as well as some of the extra things that we could do with them (the salve, for example, is good for diaper rash and minor scrapes in addition to being great for the lips!).

Homegrown collective subscription box lip salve with beeswax and essential oils

I would highly recommend the Homegrown Collective Box for families who are interested in sustainability, “do it yourself” remedies, natural solutions to problems, and opportunities to mix and create something yourself. You will find all of those needs met through this one service. Remember, summer will be here soon and it will be SO nice to have some really cool projects that you and your kids can work on together to help pass the time in a meaningful way. Note Darah’s butterfly wings in the picture. She doesn’t have a bee costume, but she thought this was a fair substitute.

Homegrown collective making rose hip infused honey

Monthly subscription boxes are $39 plus $9 shipping. Or if you bump up to a 6 month subscription then shipping becomes free. If you do an entire year, you get free shipping AND one month totally free. Are you a little put off by the price? I can tell you from experience that everything in the box is VERY high quality and worth what you pay for it, but we all understand the need to choose wisely how we spend our hard earned money. Homegrown Collective would like to offer readers a special 10% discount off your purchase. Simply enter STUFF10 at checkout!

Win it!: One lucky Stuff Parents Need reader will win the April Homegrown Collective Box, which will feature an assortment of products to get you ready for gardening season!

Be sure to enter to win my other current giveaways, found on the sidebar of my page.

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I received a complimentary product for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are strictly my own. This post may contain affiliate links. 

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  1. G says

    Absolutely all of them sounded wonderful. The November mushroom box would have been one we really enjoyed. And this April box that we have a chance to win would be the favorite of all as it focuses on gardening. We always make a garden, though are very behind this year because my husband had to be hospitalized for half of Jan, all of feb and half of march…. My step daughter helped me plant a few seeds to start some tomato plants and cucumbers but that’s all we have started so far. She enjoys helping me get the seeds started and especially loves harvest time! I would absolutely love to win this box for my family. I know we would love it since it has to do with gardening and my step daughter and I would really enjoy doing whatever this months “project” is together….I love making stuff with her, it’s a great way to bond and can’t wait to see what the project is for the April box as there have been some amazing past ones….we would have loved making cheese or making the home remedies from a couple months ago or the honey and beeswax products you made! Thank s for the chance to win!

  2. 1955nurse says

    It’s a toss-up between the Culture of Fungi & the cheese-making boxes… but they ALL sound wonderful!!! Thanks for the chance….

  3. Mary D says

    I would have been happy with any of those boxes but the December box looked especially cool. I’ve been wanting to try cheese making.

  4. Savannah miller says

    I would have a really hard time picking between the honey box and the Dec. Holiday box! Both look amazing and I would of loved to have either!!

  5. Kat Riley says

    The November – The Culture of Fungi – box would be great for my family. I have never had Kefir soda, so that would have been interesting to make.

  6. Samantha D. says

    They all sound really interesting, and fun exciting to try. I really like the november (always wanted to grow my own mushrooms), and febuary (always wanted to have my own bees, and/or work with beeswax and honey. These are very unique and i’m glad i found them. Would be great gifts to some people I know that are hard to shop for.

  7. Holly Storm-Burge says

    These are amazing! I would say that I would have loved to get the “HOME Remedies & Cure-Alls” box. My husband would have loved the “How Sweet it is, Honey” box for the sweets. Thanks!

  8. carol says

    The February box intrigues me: award-winning Raw Honey, Bee Pollen and Beeswax. Not sure what to do with the Pollen!

  9. Elaine C says

    It was a difficult choice between November and December as I have wanted to try a mushroom kit and a cheese kit but if I had to choose I would go for November.

  10. Kristie D. says

    They all look wonderful but I really love January with the “Home Remedies & Cure-Alls”. I could really use a box like this because I’m trying to take less medicine.

    kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  11. Terri Moore says

    I like the How Sweet it is Honey Box. we love natural honey and I would use the beeswax for crafts/ painting.

  12. Jen S says

    Interesting! HOME Remedies & Cure-Alls would come in handy, but I think I would enjoy them all. I have noticed these types of subscriptions are showing up more, this one is the first that I’ve seen the value in what you pay.

  13. Annette Rosenberg says

    Oh my goodness- three of them sounded fantastic! But I guess if forced to pick one, I think the Tis The SEASON(ings) one sounded the most interesting

  14. Jessica Forrestt says

    January’s cure-all box! I am a prenaturopathic student and love alternative medicine! They all look fabulous.

  15. Diane Cooper says

    I have always been interested in growing mushrooms, so November’s box sounds fascinating to me!

  16. Dorothy Teel says

    I think these are great I am especially impressed with the January – Home Remedies and Cure All box, sound great to me..

  17. Alex Liz Robinson says

    The January Home Remedies & Cure Alls sounds like it would be awesome! The Honey box sounds like it would be great too. My husbands family used to bee keep and he wants to get back into that soon.

  18. susan says

    They all are so interesting however December’s Box with the cheese making sounded like something my family would love!


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