What I Would Do With $1Million plus $5,000 Every Week for Life (Giveaway!)

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Special thanks to Publishers Clearing House for sponsoring today’s discussion. 

When we purchase lottery tickets, I call it “cheap thrills.” I find the entertainment value in dreaming up how we’d spend the money to be worth the $2 we spend on the ticket. This is the same reason why I always enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. There is no charge to enter, and somebody’s going to win…it could be me! And win or not, it is so much fun to dream.

publishers clearing house sweepstakes

The current sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House is AMAZING. It’s called the Win $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week For Life Mega Prize. And I think you can guess what the prize is, no? You get a check for one million dollars AND you get $5,000 every week for the rest of your life (which adds up to $260,000/year, by the way).

Now, a million dollars is nothing to sneeze at. It will change your life, for sure. But to be honest with you, it isn’t going to RADICALLY change your life. I suppose it could for a brief period of time if you blow through it quickly. But if you use it judiciously, then your lifestyle probably won’t change too terribly much, aside from the fact that you might be able to retire from your job. But when you add $5,000 each week on top of that, you can really start to do some interesting things!

Here’s what I would do if I won the prize.

1. Get a REALLY GOOD financial advisor. This is the most important step you can take, and it would be something I would do before letting any of my family or friends know that we had won. Tim and I would want to develop some sort of game plan to maximize so that we can do great things for as many people and causes as possible.

2. Tithe. As a Christian, I do believe that it is important to give back, not only to your religious community, but also to causes that address issues of injustice in the world. I would immediately begin tithing 10% of the $5,000 every week (so $500/week). Half of that would go to my home church, and the other half would go to various nonprofits. It would be a lot of fun to be able to send a $250 check to a different nonprofit every week, I think! I would probably even blog about which nonprofit I was supporting each week and why to encourage others to give!

3. Soundly invest the 1 million dollars. I basically wouldn’t touch this money but would have a plan in place to let it grow as much as possible so that we can do more with it in the future.

4. Pay off our debts. We have a mortgage on a house in Memphis. I still have school loans. Those are our only debts, thankfully, but they still hang over us and the total is still quite hefty. I would put our weekly money toward paying off the debts first and not use any of it for a frivolous purpose until the debts were cleared. That’s the honest truth! That means that Tim would still go to work and I would keep right on blogging!

5. Once our debts our paid, take our extended families on a really nice vacation. This would be the big splurge for us! We’d love to plan a vacation for my family and another vacation for Tim’s family. Creating memories together are one of the greatest gifts you can give each other, and we’d have an absolute blast planning something truly fantastic.

6. Regroup. After the tithing, the investing, the debt repayment and the vacations of a lifetime, we would regroup to determine the best way to use the funds coming in moving forward. No doubt a percentage of them would be put into the million dollar investment account, a percentage would go to family members to help with debts and/or college savings accounts, and a percentage would go toward larger gifts and contributions to nonprofits that mean a lot to us (such as our alma mater, Rhodes College). We would also assess our current work situations at that point and determine if we want to retire. :-)

I’ve entered this contest, myself, and let’s be real: I hope I win! But I also want you to get to have as much fun dreaming up your plans as I did dreaming up mine. So I want to share with you how you can easily enter the current Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. It’s pretty simple, actually. Just enter your information on this form. That’s it! :-)

$1,000,000 winner

Now it is your turn to dream! What would you do with 1 million dollars + $5,000 each week for life? I would SO love to hear your answers!

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) has awarded over $240 million in prizes over the year. No purchase is necessary to enter their giveaways, but should you choose to make a purchase, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed on any purchase you make through the mail or through their website, pch.com. PCH has an online game network where someone wins a prize roughly every 10 minutes. The winner for the Win $1 Million plus $5,000 Every Week for Life Mega Prize will be announced June 30th. There will be a winner. Why shouldn’t it be you???


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  1. Marie A Lestin Cadet says

    Oh yes Pch! I want to win $1 million plus $ 5,000.00 a week “Forever” on august 31st. From Pch gwy no 4900 & Gwy no 4950. Thanks God Bless America , Pch & me.

  2. Tiffany Jett says

    I’ve read a lot if peoples comments an I have to say Tims’s wife took the words right out my mouth the very first thing I would do is get a trusted financial advisor before I let friends no of my winnings, I would pay off all of my husband and I debts so they can stop hounding me by the day, then yes by me being a christian I would donate checks to random churches and food banks in my community, I would also help my immediate family and close friends get themselves out of debt, I would give my kids money so they can better there lives since they are all adults except my last two but I would put money up also for them so when they turn eighteen they would have a head start on what life they choose to live, then my family and I would go on our first vacation ever all together and have the time of our lives shopping and taking time out to show our love that we have for each other then me and my best friend Kim will have our special time and after I’ve settled down my kids father an I would figure out what we are gonna do do for the remaining of our lives “WOW” if only GOD along with PCH would make all of it come true I would be so grateful that there’s not enough words to say how much it would mean to me to become PCH next big winner.

  3. says

    Hello PCH, What would I do If I won 1million and 5 thousand dollars a week for l life. My financial advisor would be here before I spent a dime. My son is a financial advisor but he is not allowed to do my planning I am told a few months back .And I trust him more.Tides and offerings off of the top .I have a husband that needs special care and that is my top priorities . He will get great care. Then if after uncle sam takes his part, I will see what is left and give it great though before I spend and watch what I spend . I don’t know just how long my husband will need special help so there would not be much spending until I knew he has all of his needs for as long as he needed it. That is where the financial planner will have to make sure that is all taken care of. When I see just how much is left then I can make a wise diction on how will come next I think I will be my grand children’s collage education . I have a couple of relatives that are in need who I want to help. A lot of the money would be gone buy then. What I would do with the rest . I want a new wardrobe, A new small house, and a new Car.
    Brenda Carlton

  4. says

    I would buy car and a house and I would buy my children and my daughter-in-law a car and help the out with there bill. I would donate my churches a something. I would love to jump start my business again. With no finances I have fallen behind on my mailing as a matter of fact everything.
    There is a world of people waiting for financial assistance and I would like to be one of those people to help.
    I want to be closer to my sister and brothers so when they are sick I won’t have to just call home I will be there. I want to help take care of them. My baby brother was very sick and I couldn’t do anything but make phone calls. That was so irratating and upsetting to me. I want to move to Texas so I can be closer to them. And I want to help the arm forces.
    And I would love to extend my business.

  5. Sonny Bunghanoy says

    I would love to have a chance to win huge and a big wish dream come true to win $1 Million every year for life plus $5,000 every week for life or a chance to win $10 Million plus $5,000 every week for life or a chance to win $500 Million to start my own business, be my own boss, built my dream houses and buy a brand new vehicles, help out with my family that some are suffering with bills, jobs and a home to live in instead of renting random people houses or apartment & give Charity to donate the hungry poor children, shelters for the homeless, Animals shelters and Rise Above Cancers for Women…etc…I have a side job working for my aunty paid in monthly paycheck but not enough to pay bills, support my son & girlfriend with no job but study in college…I been looking, searching for real jobs every weeks with 57% condition vehicle and I even don’t have a health insurance yet cause where I live on the Big Island of Hawaii there’s hardly any job accepted and some jobs are strict and picky so I want to win big to start a new whole life with my family and enjoy with life while it’s worth living cause life is short and why not make life the best of memories and forever live the moment we all went through in life

    What would I do with the money:
    1. Rent $500 every 2-weeks
    2. Bills of Utilities: Water, Cable and Electric
    3. Truck Monthly payment of $600
    4. I need Medical Care Insurance
    5. My 1year, 8months and 6days old son Life Insurance, Medical Care Insurance, Future College Money and Future Money Saving
    6. Unemployment for 2years, 8months and 6days. I’m a stay at home daddy
    7. Start my small business to be my own boss “love to draw, art, video game designer & video game tester”
    8. Help support my family that struggling with all bills
    9. Help and support all charity’s that deserved to be help and save of there life
    10. Foods to support my family
    11. Buy my dad brand new dream truck
    12. Buy my 2-Sisters a brand new houses plus there dream trucks
    13. Buy or Built my mom dream house with her favorite gardens
    14. Buy or Built a Big Family Home that need a real place to live instead of renting some random people homes
    15. Buy or Built my dream house and vehicles
    Many Much More…

    I have hope, trust and faith in this program to really help others that really deserved the help and support they need for there future of their life.
    Life is too short and we only live once. Why not make the best of it for the person that deserved to live there dream and a chance to be a Millionaire just once in there lifetime and they deserved to have a better life and things that they never get the chance to do and give.
    Always cherish the memories and forever live the moment.


  6. Marquita says

    I would pay off all of my debts and pay my tithes (I like the idea of giving money to different non-profits every week). I would quit my job so I could be a stay at home mom to my awesome 5 year old twins. I would take my boys to Disneyland for the first time. I’d help out family members with debt and other expenses. Of course I’d put up some and start saving up for future plans. I buy a house. I would just enjoy life with my husband and kids without having to constanly worry about how to pay our bills.

  7. says

    After I pay off my debts and mortgage and get some rest — maybe a month or so of traveling around the country to see friends and family and maybe a trip to England, Ireland, Belgium, France and Italy…then I would donate my skills and talents as a writer and television/video producer to help worthy and charitable organizations such as: More Than Me, Senior Resource Center (SRC) of the Chester, NJ area; Legal Services of New Jersey; Dharmachakra Buddhist Center in Millburn; and the ASPCA. I would produce the documentaries I have been developing such as Pro Se Nation: standing up for oneself in the American Legal System and further and develop the screenplays and other documentary ideas I’ve been working on. I would also help friends and family who are struggling as much as possible. I truly believe there is more than enough to go around!

  8. Leslee says

    If I win, I will buy a house for my children, husband and myself. Pay off all of our debts, give back to the people who have helped me Andy family. Donate money once a week to charities and hospitals. And give to everyone in my family and my husband’s even if they are already financially and ststable, and start a savings account for each of my kid’s to go to college after they graduate high-school and still continue to add to it so when they start there own lives they’re financially stable ..please God I pray I win for my kids and family ..thank u

  9. linda leamy says

    pch#1830 win 1 million plus 5/k a wk for life june 30th linda120lee if i won .. i would be able to get my own home,give to fam and friend that are haveing a hard time, give to my charity, live my life to better myself and other,

  10. Roma Sue Noffsinger says

    What would I do if I Won $1 Million Plus $5,00 Every Week for Life..Make all my Wishes and Dream’s come true..

  11. Estella Williams says

    First to God, then take care of my family and payoff outstanding debts (home), then have ongoing charity to those who really need it.

  12. luis tamayo says

    I cant with the prize : Sick help the children with cancer; help orphana childrens,help the homlees;help the students.pay may due. thank luis

  13. Glenda Cooper says

    First to God, then payoff outstanding debts (home), then have ongoing charity to those who really need it — especially those that are broken spiritual men/woman, boys/girls, to the extent that I would try to find a home with at least 6 bedrooms and and 2 baths for shelter, food and clothing for at least a year. This is especially for those that goes through the foster child system and must leave at 18.

  14. says

    I could take care of a lot of things that need to be done for family and self. then room for church and St. Jude. They are the ones and the march of dimes. Have trusts fund for my five grand children for collage. I would love to take care of peoples needs. I retired form nursing. It is my nature. etc!!!!!!

  15. Roma Sue Noffsinger says

    What I would do if I Won Publisher Clearing House Mega Prize..Won $1 Million Plus $5,000 Week for Life..I would pay all my Debt’s or Bill’s off..Pay off my Home , finish Remodling of my Home and Finish Going Green,with Wind & Solar Power..Help my Family and so much more..Then try to make all my Wishes and Dream com true..

  16. says

    LIVE ! ! ! The government set me out to pastures at a young tender age because of
    my disability. Right now, it seems as though I’m just existing, waiting for the day when they close the casket, stick me and the casket in a hole and shovel dirt on us.
    What a life, nothingsville…..no life ! ! ! Amen to that…..God Bless America, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

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