Getting on Schedule with Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedules (Giveaway!)

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One of the things that has changed the most about how I parent since enrolling Darah in Montessori school has to do with letting go. I have realized that if you give children the chance, they will often surprise you with just how much they can do on their own. And they WANT the opportunity to try.

Darah has been telling me over the last few months that she wishes she had a list of things to do, “just like mommy.” Such a sweetie. I’ll tell you what, that little apple did not fall far from the tree. She seems to value order and following the rules, just like me.

When I learned about the Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedules and had the opportunity to review them, I knew they were going to be the right fit. These were very thoughtfully created by a teacher who also happens to be a mother (so that means that the design is awesome!).

easy daysies magnetic schedule for kids

The magentized board hangs on Darah’s door, and it has two sides for two different routines that we custom created. One is for bedtime, and other is for the morning, though you could create any particular schedule or routine you like with the set.

Darah has really taken a liking to it because it gives her a clear sense for how her time is going to go and what she might need to do next. She is at an age where she can dress herself, comb her hair and brush her teeth, and Easy Daysies helps her remember that she needs to do those things.

easy daysies magnetic schedule for kids 2

I have already seen the satisfaction Darah receives from moving her magnets from the “to do” side of the board to the “done” side. Oh girl, I can so relate! I’m the person who will go back and add things that I already did on the to do list just so I can cross them off. Yep!

Check out this great “how to” video that Easy Daysies put together to showcase all the great ways you can use the system to help your child feel more independent and more secure about what is taking place.

The Every Day Starter Kit is just $19.99 and can accommodate many different tasks. You can also check out the add-on packs for $14.99 each that offer additional types of activities to put on your schedule.

My favorite thing about this scheduling system is how flexible it is, depending on the age and abilities of your child. I also appreciate the images that go along with the words, since Darah is not yet a reader. She doesn’t have to ask us what she needs to do for her morning and evening routine. One look at her Easy Daysies chart and she’s on her way.

It is REALLY nice having Darah take control of those activities instead of us leading the way. I think she feels happier with the arrangement, and we feel a little less stressed during that time, because we know that she knows exactly what to do!

Win it!: One lucky Stuff Parents Need reader is going to win an Easy Daysies Starter Kit AND one add-on kit of your choice!

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    Dear Tiffany,

    Thank you so very kindly for writing such a lovely review about my mom/teacher created products. Darah is adorable and I too am just like her and have huge satisfaction from moving things from the “To Do” to the “Done Side”! I too will go back and add on things I have completed just to cross them off! Studies show that children as young as preschool age benefit from visual routines because they will co-operate better in event transitions and feel more confident and become more independent. I hope that Easy Daysies will continue to be a helpful tool for all busy families! Easy Daysies is recommended by name by Child Psychologists and occupational therapists as well. Thank you again for the honor of being in your blog and review. Warmest smiles, Elaine

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