The 16 Products and Services that Changed My Life the Most in 2013

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Last week I highlighted my top 10 posts of the year. Definitely worth a glance if you haven’t faithfully read every single post I’ve written this year (and I’m pretty sure my mother-in-law is the only person who has!). I mention it because there are 2 products on that list of most popular posts that I would also consider to be among the most life-changing. So hop on over and take a look before seeing the other 16 items that rocked 2013 for me (not listed in any particular order).

best products of 2013

photo credit: Philo Nordlund via photopin cc

1. Reynolds products. To say Reynolds has been a game-changer for my kitchen (and for my blog!) would be a huge understatement. I’m hopelessly devoted to you, parchment paper!

2. Iced coffee. It is my constant companion. And now that I’ve gone Keurig, I can’t go back! Thank goodness for those awesome refillable K-cups!

3. Longer eyelashes (without using falsies!). I feel like this product really helped me look more alive and youthful. Major winner!

4. Bob McGrath. This CD, while not my own personal favorite, is loved beyond measure by my youngest. It is played CONSTANTLY in the car. I know every single lyric, and every xylophone solo by heart. At least it’s Bob…he is pretty cool!

5. Justin Timberlake. This is Darah’s favorite CD. We’ve been playing it every chance we can since we got it in March. Two of the tracks put Layah to sleep on long car trips. So that makes this CD precious to everyone in the family!

6. The Honest Company. I learned how to get all of their trials for free (score!) and in the process, fell in love with their products. I have a feeling that they knew I would! Sneaky…

 7. A cool night’s sleep. I purchased a second pillow for Tim since the one I reviewed was such a game-changer. They make for an ultra-comfortable night’s sleep!

8. Carry On, Warrior. The only book that wasn’t directly related to my job that I read this year. It was AWESOME!!!!

9. Kiwi Crate. Thank God for smart and crafty people who put together awesome kits for those of us who aren’t. Kiwi Crate is the best, by far. We have ordered and been gifted more subscriptions over the past year. LOVE!

10. Orbit Gum for Kids. Getting to chew gum for the first time was a big deal for Darah. Big enough to make this best of the best list. She’s head over heels about her Orbit Gum.

11. Bookboard. We have new books to read every single night on the iPad. Darah loves the challenge of reading more to unlock more. This is worth so much more than the subscription price. I simply adore it and strongly recommend it to other families!

12. Shark Sonic Duo. This mop and carpet cleaner is the best of the best, folks. And we had a mop that we totally adored, previously. But we were blown away by this device!

13. Stitch Fix. I don’t have the time to hit the mall looking for clothes, so I hired a personal stylist. It is MUCH more affordable than you might think. Every mom needs to try it just once!

14. Octonauts. We were introduced to Octonauts at a birthday party in January, and haven’t looked back! Sound the Octo-alert!

15. Amazon Prime. I experimented with it this year to see if it was worth the $79 fee. TOTALLY worth it!

16. Compassion, International. We sponsored a child this year. Her name is Vanessa. Thinking about her and praying for her has been humbling, and caused me to think more critically about some of the frivolous purchases I make. We have completely changed her life just by sending $38/month.

As you think back on 2013, what were the products and services that rocked your world the most? Leave a comment and tell me about them so I can do check them out!





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  1. Donna S says

    I love this! As most others, our money is always tight and I HATE to buy something that I don’t like later. I’ve read so many of your posts, I feel I can trust you and what you recommend. Sure do appreciate this post especially!


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