Two Wardrobe Necessities for Dress-Loving Girls

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Darah is ALL ABOUT dresses. She has a closet overflowing with them. She wants to wear them every single day. It is her jam, people.

But sometimes the dress might be right in Darah’s opinion, but the overall look is all wrong in mine. We encounter two primary problems with Darah’s dress addiction affinity.

1. She outgrows her dresses before she is ready. We have several frocks hanging up right now that are size 3 even though she has graduated to size 4. Since she can still squeeze into them, she sees no problem. But they are much too short!

2. She is a kid. And as such, she loves to PLAY. That means running around, rolling around, crawling around, jumping around, and while doing all of these things in a dress, modesty goes right out the window. I want Darah to feel comfortable and not at all inhibited by what she chooses to wear. But that means that we need a new undergarment strategy.

So here are my two wardrobe must-haves for the dress loving girl, courtesy of City Threads!

leggings from city threads help extend the life of too-short dresses

1. Leggings. Leggings can take your dress from summer to winter. And they are the PERFECT choice for that dress that is too short, such at the one Darah wanted to wear to school this morning. They are also a saving grace when it starts to get too cool outside for bare legs.

boy shorts for girls

2. Boy short undies. These are REALLY hard to find, but such a necessity! City Threads has some at You can get a pack of two for $17, and while that might seem a little pricey, I promise you that they are worth every penny. These are the undies we reach for the second they come out of the dryer. I only have 1 pair, but I’d recommend getting at least 2, if not 4!

Does your little one love dresses? Do you run into some of the same problems that we do (too short? too revealing? too cold in the winter?)?

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  1. Karen Propes says

    My Granddaughter loves dresses, we use the leggings and shorts. I will have to try the boy shorts, that would be another great idea to help with the short dress situation at our home.

  2. renee says

    Another good idea is cotton bicycle shorts–you can find many different styles/colors at Gymboree or Gymboree outlet (I’ve found them for $2.99 a pair, then pair that with a coupon for a steal) and they go great under dresses!

  3. Pamela Halligan says

    My niece is a dress loving girl – and I SO have to get her a pair of boy shorts. Thanks o much for the idea.

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