Bar Stools: One Thing I Really Miss!

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When we moved to Chattanooga, we moved into a house almost half the size of our old one. Most days, I don’t miss all that extra space one bit (we have half as much to clean, now!). But I do miss our kitchen. It was recently renovated and very spacious.

What I miss most of all about the kitchen were the bar stools. They didn’t even come with the house, but were something we added. We had an island that was open and had space for two stools to fit inside of it. We spent a LONG time looking for just the right height, but we did eventually find it! I wish I had known then that you can find bar stools with adjustable height.

In all honesty, the stools were had were probably the most cheap looking thing in the kitchen, but they were still my favorite. The reason is because once we got them, we had an easy way for guests to sit and linger. It was also easier for Tim and I to have good conversations with each other while one was cooking or doing dishes. We even found ourselves just sitting on the stools and eating dinner in the kitchen!

The stools we had were perfect for two adults. If we were still living in the house I might think about replacing them and getting two cheap bar stools with backs. That would be a safer option for kids, I think. Also, they are fun to spin around on if you get the type that can do that! :-)

In our kitchen now, there’s just NO room for bar stools. We do have a tall counter that divides the kitchen and the dining room, but there’s just not enough of a ledge to put bar stools there. Believe me, I tried really hard to convince myself that it would work! The good news is that since our kitchen and dining room are basically the same room, there’s still an opportunity for company to have a seat and chat with us while we are doing whatever we need to do in the kitchen. But I still miss those bar stools, and when we move to a bigger house down the road, I’ll hope to have them again!

What about you? Do you have bar stools in your kitchen? Do you have a fabulous back deck with outdoor bar stools? If so, can I come over and hang out?

Or is there anything that you miss from a house or apartment you used to call home?




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