What I’m Loving: Copper and Nickel Jewelry

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Lately I’ve been wearing the heck out of one particular piece of jewelry that I received for review. I have found it to have a lot of meaning for me right now. Here it is on the first day I wore it, which was the first day of the cruise Tim and I took, away from our children together for the first time ever.
Notice how rested I look after just 2 days away from home. Miracle of miracles! Now let’s zoom in on this necklace, shall we?
Steer the course. Yes, indeed. When I saw this piece at bama + ry, a fantastic Etsy shop owned by creative genius Jasmine Myers, it stood out to me among the rest. And given how awesome all her pieces are, it says something that it managed to stand out to me!
So what does “steer the course” mean to me? Several things, actually. One of them is cheeky and lighthearted; I’m very Type A, so “steer the course” definitely means “stay on schedule!” to me, and I love that. Others are more serious; I’m embarking on a really exciting yet scary journey of being my own boss, and I have to remember that I really am the captain of my ship, and I get to call the shots. I need to have faith in myself! Finally, the necklace also serves as a reminder to me of the precious time I shared with my husband on our kid-free vacation. We are filled with love for our children, but it is important to remember that they came to be first because we were so filled with love for each other. The necklace reminds me that we are steering this course together, and that we need to make time for each other so that we can continue steering in the same direction.

bama + ry

Fabulous as my necklace is, it is just one of countless designs that Jasmine has dreamed up in her shop. She opened her business in July 2012, and she did so as a way to work through her grief following a miscarriage of twins. Whether or not you have experienced the heartbreak of a miscarriage, most all of us can identify with loss in some way, and with feeling lost as a result. What a powerful way to work on the process of healing, by giving creativity and love a place to shine. I certainly feel the love and care that was poured into the necklace I own from bama + ry.
Jasmine has many fun offerings. I’m feeling very tempted by the snowflake ornament you can get custom stamped with a loved ones name!
And my top pick for a Christmas gift for a good friend? How about the textured copper cuff? Such a lovely piece, and so special since it is handmade! The price is right, too, at $30.
Spend a little bit of time today browsing around bama + ry. I bet you’ll find something just perfect for someone on your holiday shopping list. And as a special bonus, Jasmine wants to offer you a 20% off discount! Simply enter STUFFPARENTSNEED at checkout and save off your entire purchase!
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