Free: 21 Disney Octonauts Coloring Pages for a Quick Summer Activity!

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Darah has been all about the Octonauts for about 4 months, now. She already has amassed quite a collection of Octonauts toys. I am summoned almost daily to play Octonauts. But now that summer is officially here and she has longer stretches of time to be at home, I need to have more independent play activities ready to go for her.

That’s why I’ve printed off several different Octonauts coloring pages for her to enjoy over the summer. And all it cost me was paper and ink from my printer!

I thought some of you out there might also have little undersea explorers in your home, ready to Explore! Rescue! and Protect! just like the Octonauts. Here are links to some free coloring sheets you can use when they are getting cabin fever and need something new to do!

free octonauts coloring pictures

21 Disney Octonauts Coloring Pages


Captain Barnacles










Cuddle With a Cuttlefish

Anemone Hat Party

The Octonauts Explore

Friends are Found on a Merry-Go-Round

Kwazii Shadowboxing

Peso & the Elefish

Meet the Frown Fish

Captain Barnacles’ Old Time Band

Baking With Professor Inkling

The Octonauts Find a Happy Pearl

I’d love to hear if you have an Octonauts fan in your home! And have you found any other great coloring pages (Octonauts or not!) that your kids love? Interested in any other coloring page round ups???

I didn’t create these awesome coloring pages; just sharing what I found with you! If you found this post helpful, will you share it with your friends (buttons on the left side for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and StumbleUpon!). 


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