Headboards: Why Did We Wait So Long To Get One???

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Tim and I have been married for 9 years. For 8 of those years, we did not have a proper bed. By that I mean that we didn’t have a headboard of any sort. After the pain of buying a nice mattress, we just didn’t have any money left over and we assumed that bedroom furniture would easily cost $1,000!

When we bought a house in Memphis, we found a beautiful bed at a garage sale that had been in someone’s guest room, pretty much unused. We got the whole thing for $350 and promptly tucked it away in our own guest room. We were very pleased with how nice that room looked, while our own room continued to be a complete afterthought.
It was only when we moved that we decided to claim the bed for ourselves. It really is quite lovely, but if we didn’t already own it, I would have found something else for us by now. There are headboards for queen size beds in such a wide variety of styles and colors. It really is amazing, and not at all like the options that our parents had when looking for furniture. There’s no need for your bedroom furniture to look just like your neighbors!

I think if I were looking right now for something, I’d want to go with an upholstered headboard. That seems to be a bit more my style. I secretly wish that I could paint the bed that we currently have, but I can objectively recognize that the wood is very pretty, though not perfectly my style, and I just can’t bring myself to do it!
Headboards for full size beds are just as varied these days. If you have a little one making the move from toddler bed to full-size bed, take a bit of time to look for a headboard that fits in with your child’s personal sense of style (because they do each have one!). You’ll no doubt be able to easily find something that is functional and attractive. While you are at it, why not find an affordable one? The days of having to pay an outrageous amount of money for a nice bed are over, especially if you shop online!
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