Kid-Friendly Snack: Clementines as Butterflies

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Earlier this week I purchased a crate of clementines. They are so adorable that they are even called “cuties,” so I knew these would be a kid-friendly snack.

Well, they weren’t. They’ve been sitting on the counter uneaten for 4 days, and my attempts to get my kids to try them have been in vain.

But then I figured that my approach was off. You see sometimes with food, it’s all in the presentation. How could I make these citrus sections look more appetizing?

Turns out, all I needed was a little pipe cleaner!

kid-friendly snack ideas: clementines as butterflies

This snack idea works for me because it is EASY. Just peel and section your clementine, and then cut a pipecleaner in half, then fold it in half and curve the ends around just a smidge to make it look like antennas. Place your sections on either side of the pipe cleaner, and boom! A snack that will please everyone.

butterfly clementines snack for kids

These butterflies were gone within 2 minutes of me setting the plate down on the table. Mission accomplished! Take that, scurvy!

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