Of Fermented Fruit, Mushroom Growing and Rocks for Deodorant

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My father’s mother, my memaw, is 91 years old and still rockin’ out. I get to see her in a few days at Thanksgiving, and I’m really looking forward to it. She is the last of my remaining living grandparents on my side of the family, and she has been since 1994.

There are a few very interesting quirky things that I remember my memaw having in her home, and I can’t help but wonder if any of them have contributed to her longevity. And let me just say right now that I swear I’m not making these up!

1. My memaw grew mushrooms in her bathroom. My older brother can attest to this. We don’t know what kind they were or what the heck they did. But they were there and memaw was really proud of them. I may just work up the courage to ask her about those this week. Or maybe this one is best left as a mystery…

2. “Happy fruit.” Ok, I think this concept might have German origins, but I’m not sure. Basically she had a jar that sat on her countertop and it had big chunks of fruit in it, as well as a lot of sugar. And she’d let that fruit sit for a LONG time (a few months? I’m not sure) and said it was only for adults. Ok, so now I know my memaw was totally getting her moonshine on here, letting the stuff ferment until it produced alcohol. Between that and the mushrooms, I have to say, my grandmother is full of surprises.

3. Her “deodorant.” Y’all…it was a rock.

Ok, so flash forward to a few weeks ago when I received a package from Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal with products to try out. I’ve actually used their roll-on products before and totally loved them, so why not expand my horizons a bit?

And then I saw this:

naturally fresh deodorant crystal

Omg, it’s the rock! I would know it anywhere! And I had to ask myself, “Will trying this product put me one step closer to farming a mushroom garden in my bathroom while sipping on fermented fruit from my kitchen counter?” Probably.

And then I tried it.

Ok, so here’s the deal: this isn’t actually a rock. It’s mineral salts. That’s it! And to use it, you moisten the stick and then apply it. It forms a barrier on your skin to lock out odors. And I felt like a straight-up crazy person when putting it on (no disrespect to my memaw).

Well what do you know? This stuff works great! Tim really loved it, too. He has super sensitive armpits that break out quite often. He has to switch up what he is using every few months, and there are many deodorants that will cause a rash immediately for him. He’s have great success with the deodorant crystal from Naturally Fresh. And I’m happy to admit now, my memaw was on to something.

naturally fresh deodorant line

They also sent a few other products from the line, all of which use the same mineral salts, and just dispense them in different forms. I am loving the spray mist, and of course, I love the roll-on, too. Tim doesn’t like that kind, on account of his armpit hair getting stuck in the roller…ouch! This, of course, is a non-issue for me. But it is something for me to keep in mind, as you never know what I’ll be like once I start my happy fruit jar. I can already tell that it is part of my destiny, y’all. Resistance is futile.

If you want to check out more about Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, definitely head to their Facebook page. The product line works fantastic for me, and I love that I’m going natural without smelling like it. Ha! Here’s a link to places where you can buy Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. They are also available on my favorite shopping destination: Amazon. My advice? Go all out and get the rock!


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  1. renee campbell says

    I don’t know if you’ve hired a comedy writer or what but your blog posts have made me very chuckle-y as of late :) You and Memaw make rock deodorant sound interesting. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • says

      Ha ha! I have gotten a lot of joy out of the posts I’ve been able to write lately that are a little cheeky. So glad to hear that they are giving you a laugh, too! When I wrote this post and I was thinking back to my childhood and my Memaw, I laughed so hard I cried! Great memories for me. And SO hilarious to me that I’m using rock deodorant now. I skipped turning into my parents and went straight to the grandparents!

  2. says

    OMG I’m buying some of that stat. My armpits are a fiery hell even if I use something “natural” like Tom’s of Maine, but this sounds like it would totally work. (I use Milk of Magnesia daily, which works too. Weird, but true. Except I can’t bring it when I travel because it’s liquid and messy, so a rock of salt sounds like a better option for that. ;) )

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