Simple Toddler Fine Motor Skill Activity: Ribbon Weaving

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I got this idea from Pinterest (where else?), and more specifically, from a fellow Chattanooga blogger named Sara who posted this idea on a site where she is a contributor. Here’s the original weaving activity post for your reference.

This activity is so great for developing fine motor skills with toddler. Hand-eye coordination is strengthened, along with the pincer grasp, which is a pre-writing skill. I also have found that when Darah does this activity, she becomes a bit more quiet so that she can practice concentration. Additionally, it encourages creativity, as you can break from the traditional over/under pattern and let the child create whatever s/he likes with the ribbon. This is actually the route Darah and I are taking right now, and we’ll work on doing a staight line pattern a little later on.

So, what you need to do this activity is a cookie cooling rack and some ribbon. That’s it! Gotta love an activity that doesn’t require 45 different items!

I tied the ribbon to the edge of the cookie sheet and then showed Darah how to put the ribbon through a hole and pull it out the other side until it is taut. Then I showed her how to pull it back through from the other side, choosing any hole she liked.

The end result is a toddler masterpiece!

Your child might enjoy doing this activity alone, or might want you to do it with her. Darah likes to take turns with someone else, and one person chooses the holes on one side, and the other person chooses the holes on the other. Thus, this also becomes a team work activity! So many great lessons all rolled into one very simple game!

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