TV Stands for Flat Screens: Get Creative

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Wanna hear about a furniture purchase I totally regret having ever made? It was for a tv cabinet.

You guys, it was gorgeous. It was solid wood. It had beautiful detailing. It had a commanding presence in a room. It looked great in our house, too. I even bought it used to save some money.

Wanna know my mistake? Two things:
1. I overpaid. I gave $300 for it. I have no idea what I was thinking.
2. I bought something that people don’t really need anymore. Such things are impossible to re-sell.

Scratching your head on that one? Well, just think about it. I bought a humongous piece of furniture designed for a humongous television. People are very rapidly trading in those big monsters for flat screens. Why shouldn’t they? The prices have dramatically fallen! In fact, when it was time to sell it, I couldn’t even get someone to give me $50 for it, and that’s just 2 years after I bought it. I had to donate it for a tax deduction. It kind of broke my heart. We couldn’t move with it because our new house was much too small for it. Plus, we had the same plans as the rest of the country…we were going to buy a flat screen!

We got a tv about 4 months after we moved in, and we looked around for TV stands for flat screens. We saw some interesting options, but decided to get really creative for our tv stand. We brought a desk with us from Memphis that we both really loved. But the house we are in now actually has a desk built into the wall back in the laundry room/office. We didn’t care; we loved that piece of furniture so much that we decided we would find a way to make it look right. But how does one make a desk fit into a living room and not look awkward? In our case, we put our tv right on top of it. Works for us!

If I had not already had a creative solution, I think I would have been interested in corner TV stands for flat screens. I didn’t even realize until recently that they existed! The main thing I don’t like about our current set up is that the TV is clearly the focal point of the room. I’d like to change that so that it is an element of the room, but not the primary focus. I think a corner stand could help make that happen.

If you are thinking about getting a flat screen, or have already bought one and want to find the right TV stand to fit your needs and your home, this guide is a really good place to start. With flat screens, you have to think about your furniture and your room set up in new ways!

Whatever you do, don’t buy a big TV cabinet. Even if you still have a big TV, you probably won’t 5 years from now, and you’ll be hard pressed to get any of the money you paid for it back out! At least that was my experience!

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