Honest Company Bar Soap: An Honest Assessment

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Referral links included. I only promote what I love, as always! 

I’ve really been looking forward to telling you about Honest Bar Soap. It is one of my very favorite products in their line, but you need to be VERY CAREFUL with how you purchase it! I’ll explain in a minute.

First, if you are new to The Honest Company, you need to hook yourself up with some free samples before placing an order. I’ve got the scoop on how to get Honest.com products free. Go ahead and check that out; I’ll wait here!

Ok, on to the soap review!

honest bar soap 1

Honest bar soap is one of my favorites because it is PERFECT for gifts. The packaging is really pretty, which makes it a really nice element in a hostess, housewarming, or any other type of gift. Who doesn’t like to get fancy soap? The dark splotch you see on my package is not part of the aesthetic…just a perk of getting to live in my house with my kids! Lucky soap bar! 😉

It comes in three scents: juniper sage, lavender, and tangerine vanilla. I’ve tried them all and would recommend them all, but my very favorite is tangerine vanilla. It is such a unique scent to find in a soap, and it is really invigorating for morning showers.

I’ve found the cleaning power of the soap to be right on par with other nice bar soaps. No complaints!

How To Buy (and How NOT To Buy) Honest Bar Soap

honest bar soap 2

Ok, so you know I’m a fan, overall, of the Honest.com essentials bundles. You can save money by committing to purchasing 5 items at once, and I love how they are flexible about when you can ship things out (I’ve moved orders WAY up before, and I’ve also put orders on hold for a few months before…they have NO problem with that!). Anyway, one of the bad things about the essentials bundle is that if you aren’t paying attention, you could actually overpay for items. So much for saving money! Honest bar soap is one of those items. It retails for $4.95. The per item price of anything in your bundle is going to be $7.20, so if an item retails for less than $7.20, it shouldn’t go in your bundle.

With that said, you are allowed to add up to 3 extra items to you bundle purchase, and those extra 3 items are offered at 25% off. This is how you want to buy your soap. Make it a +3 item, and then you will get it for $3.71! Additionally, you can just place a non-bundle order and pay $4.95.

What do you think of Honest Bar Soap? Are you a fan like me? 

Want to see more Honest.com product reviews? I’ve got you covered! Click here for a (growing) list of Honest assessments!

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  1. Jennifer says

    I also try to keep the items under $10 as my add-ons (since an item at $8.95 is $6.71 after considering the 25% off) – however, I do find that I need the $5.95 items more often (perhaps because there are more items in that price range) than the others. What I do to make sure I am getting good value is not look at the individual price of things in my bundle but I look at the overall value. I put each item I want in a spreadsheet with the corresponding price and if my total value is more than $35.95 – I’m happy (often it’s in the $50-55 range)!

  2. Jenna says

    I’m chuckling to myself that this is the third review that you’ve helped me to be much more frugal in buying Hobest products. Which leads me to the question… what does one buy in the bundle as opposed to the add ons? I’m still quite new to Honest but am loving their vitamins :)

    • says

      I’m so glad this is helping! :-) The short answer is this: anything that retails for over $7.20. If you take a look around on their product pages as if you were going to buy a la carte, that’s where you’ll see the prices for the items. Honest is a bit sneaky by not putting the prices on the page where you build your bundle. So I always go pick out what I want on the regular order pages, and then go into my bundle area and add what I picked out based on the prices. :-)

      • Jenna says

        Thank you SO much for replying! Going to go through the site at some point today :) They’re a wonderful company but yes, a little sneaky in not putting the prices on the bundles :) Plus in Canada we always pay shipping and are then charged an additional surcharge, I think it’s 20% of our total order, then figuring out the exchange rate… *headache* so yes, it’s very difficult to totally price out :)
        Appreciate your help! Cheers!

      • Stephanie McNamara says

        I know that this is an old post, but I felt the need to correct this. I have been an Honest Bundle subscriber for over 2 years now. Please do not put people off of ordering from the Honest Company by printing false information, and saying that the Honest Company is being sneaky. They are not. You must not have been looking/paying attention when placing your Bundle Order.

        When you are choosing the items for your bundle, when you click on the light blue “more info” button the price is RIGHT THERE in the window; it also tells you the 25% off price as well, making it easy to choose your +3 items. For the items such as the soaps or cleaners where you have to select a scent or size, once you do, it tells you the price as well. No sneakiness. You do not have to go the product pages or memorize the prices.

        Please correct this. I apologize if this comes off rant-like; however I get so frustrated out of people saying that they are sneaking or misleading people about information, or being subscibed against their will after receiving their free trial. That’s bulls***. They state it right on the page that you will be charged a monthly fee if you do not cancel by phone, AND they send you an email reminding you that you will be charged if you do not cancel…

        I would hate for someone to not order from this great, organic company because of misconceptions. Their customer service is top notch: they are easily reached and any problem I have had (i.e an item having a bent lid or something leaking, once I got a size 5 diaper pack within my size 3 diaper bundle…) ALL issues have been taken care of immediately and with grace. They always sent me a replacement product no questions asked and with zero runaround.

        This is a great company and with top-notch products.

        • says

          I absolutely agree with you that the Honest Company has a really nice array of great products…hence all the reviews I opt to do to help people get more familiar with the company!

          We’ll have to agree to disagree about the intent of my posts. I actually want people to give Honest Company a try! But I want them to be smart about how they do it, too! My very first bundle, I ordered a bar of soap and a hand soap and something else that actually retails for less than $7.20 and only realized after the fact that by getting a “bundle” and selecting the items I had selected, I had not only NOT saved money, but I spent more than I would have if I had just ordered them a la carte from the website. I don’t think Honest Co. is trying to swindle people out of their money, but I stand by my statement that it is a bit sneaky to offer a product for $5.95, for example, OR for $7.20 when you put it in the bundle, which is designed to help you save. I do see now where you can click for more info and get the price. I don’t think that was always there, but even if it was, I think it would be very cool to see the company only offer those items that retail for less than $7.20 to be +3 items, in order to ensure that customers don’t end up spending far more than necessary for the items that they want. Perhaps customers need to pay closer attention, sure, but the company should also adhere to the spirit of what they are trying to do: provide the best products for the best price. Offering a $5 item in a bundle for MORE than retail doesn’t seem consistent with that spirit.

          Still, though, I LOVE the bundles and I order them frequently, myself! But I feel the need to help people who might not be paying close attention and might be simply assuming that the bundle will always save them money no matter which items they choose from the list. The bundle offerings do require that customers be strategic with how they build their carts if they actually want to get a price break. Placing something in the 5 bundle group vs. placing it in the +3 group can make a difference in the total bill. And that’s what I want to help people learn. But you and I are certainly in agreement that Honest Company products are worth trying!

          • Michelle says

            The thing is, though, that your whole “must cost at least $7.20 or you are overpaying” logic doesn’t make sense. Some products (such as the shave oil for $15.95 or bug spray for $12.95) cost way more than that so adding one or more of the cheaper products usually balances it out. I always add the retail price of each product up and if my total is less than the cost of the bundle THEN I will reevaluate what should be an add-on.

          • says

            A very fair point! I think it just doesn’t sit well with me to know that I’m handing over one of my bundle spots to an item that costs less than $7.20. It is true that as long as your total product bill would have been higher than the bundle cost that you come out ahead, I prefer to maximize my savings all around by giving my bundle spots to the items that would certainly cost more and that I love so much (such as the shave oil or the dishwasher tablets). And then I pick up those very good but less expensive items by putting them in the +3 section.


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