Honest Company Bar Soap: An Honest Assessment

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Referral links included. I only promote what I love, as always! 

I’ve really been looking forward to telling you about Honest Bar Soap. It is one of my very favorite products in their line, but you need to be VERY CAREFUL with how you purchase it! I’ll explain in a minute.

First, if you are new to The Honest Company, you need to hook yourself up with some free samples before placing an order. I’ve got the scoop on how to get Honest.com products free. Go ahead and check that out; I’ll wait here!

Ok, on to the soap review!

honest bar soap 1

Honest bar soap is one of my favorites because it is PERFECT for gifts. The packaging is really pretty, which makes it a really nice element in a hostess, housewarming, or any other type of gift. Who doesn’t like to get fancy soap? The dark splotch you see on my package is not part of the aesthetic…just a perk of getting to live in my house with my kids! Lucky soap bar! ;-)

It comes in three scents: juniper sage, lavender, and tangerine vanilla. I’ve tried them all and would recommend them all, but my very favorite is tangerine vanilla. It is such a unique scent to find in a soap, and it is really invigorating for morning showers.

I’ve found the cleaning power of the soap to be right on par with other nice bar soaps. No complaints!

How To Buy (and How NOT To Buy) Honest Bar Soap

honest bar soap 2

Ok, so you know I’m a fan, overall, of the Honest.com essentials bundles. You can save money by committing to purchasing 5 items at once, and I love how they are flexible about when you can ship things out (I’ve moved orders WAY up before, and I’ve also put orders on hold for a few months before…they have NO problem with that!). Anyway, one of the bad things about the essentials bundle is that if you aren’t paying attention, you could actually overpay for items. So much for saving money! Honest bar soap is one of those items. It retails for $4.95. The per item price of anything in your bundle is going to be $7.20, so if an item retails for less than $7.20, it shouldn’t go in your bundle.

With that said, you are allowed to add up to 3 extra items to you bundle purchase, and those extra 3 items are offered at 25% off. This is how you want to buy your soap. Make it a +3 item, and then you will get it for $3.71! Additionally, you can just place a non-bundle order and pay $4.95.

What do you think of Honest Bar Soap? Are you a fan like me? 

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  1. Jenna says

    I’m chuckling to myself that this is the third review that you’ve helped me to be much more frugal in buying Hobest products. Which leads me to the question… what does one buy in the bundle as opposed to the add ons? I’m still quite new to Honest but am loving their vitamins :)

    • says

      I’m so glad this is helping! :-) The short answer is this: anything that retails for over $7.20. If you take a look around on their product pages as if you were going to buy a la carte, that’s where you’ll see the prices for the items. Honest is a bit sneaky by not putting the prices on the page where you build your bundle. So I always go pick out what I want on the regular order pages, and then go into my bundle area and add what I picked out based on the prices. :-)

      • Jenna says

        Thank you SO much for replying! Going to go through the site at some point today :) They’re a wonderful company but yes, a little sneaky in not putting the prices on the bundles :) Plus in Canada we always pay shipping and are then charged an additional surcharge, I think it’s 20% of our total order, then figuring out the exchange rate… *headache* so yes, it’s very difficult to totally price out :)
        Appreciate your help! Cheers!


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