Honest Company Dish Brush: An Honest Assessment

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Hello, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts on an Honest Company product so I thought I should tackle one today that I use pretty much every day: The Honest Dish Brush. This is a fairly confusing product in that they offer it in two packages. One option is to simply buy the bamboo brush itself for $4.95 (which is what I did). The second option is to purchase it with a ceramic dish in a package called “suds up” for $12.95.

honest company dish brush

So when I was making this purchase, it was pretty simple for me: do I want to pay $8 for a small ceramic dish? No thanks! And I’m very pleased with my $4.95 dish brush. But I will say that I now better understand that the ceramic dish is meant to not only hold your brush, but to be used when creating more suds for washing dishes. Evidently you just put a tiny amount of soap on the brush, put it in the dish, and then pump the brush up and down to make lots and lots of bubbles with ease.

Sounds cool, but I’m still not interested, personally. But I did want you to know about your options!

Ok, so back to the brush. I love it because it is sturdy (we’ve had ours for 6 months and use it all the time…it is doing just fine). It is also made of bamboo, which is a highly renewable resource, and the bristles are 100% recycled plastic. The price is definitely great for something that has lasted so long, and that is so responsibly made. When ours finally kicks the bucket, I will happily buy another one.

How to Buy the Scrubber Brush

Ok, so the right strategy for buying this brush first depends on if you want the $12.95 version or the $4.95 version. If you want the $12.95 version, your best bet is to include it in your essentials bundle, as the per item price is just $7.20 for bundle items. If your bundle for the month is already full but you still really want to try it, you can add it on as one of your extra 3 items that you can snag for 25% off, and that drops the price down to $9.71.

If you just want the $4.95 brush, DO NOT add it to your essentials bundle. Why pay $7.20 for something that retails for $4.95? Instead, add it as a plus 3 item at the end, and you get an even better deal, paying just $3.71. Or you might find yourself just picking up a few things at the retail price on the shop, and this is totally a fair price to pay retail, so I’d say go for it.

Cheap is Good, Free is Better

If you have never made an Honest Company purchase, there is a right way to start, and it is by getting a whole lot of free stuff! Here’s info on how to start your free trials with Honest Company. And if you have never ordered a bundle before and have no idea what to select, I’ve got a growing list of Honest Company product reviews to help you make the best selections, and to get the very best bang for your buck. The bundles from The Honest Company can be really good deals IF you know how to work them!

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  1. Sami says

    I work as a teacher in an infant and toddler room and a few of my kids come in with honest diapers and many come in with the more traditional brands of disposable diapers. Honest diapers are very cute, yes, but every child’s bum that I have seen after wearing one is red and raw. It doesn’t seem as though these diapers keep very dry. We change diapers like clockwork, every two hours and then as needed on top of that, and no child is sitting in a wet diaper for long, so why do these diapers seem to irritate the skin so is they are all natural? I deal with a lot of diapers, and so far I haven’t found one that I like any better than Pampers when it comes to reliability and comfort. It is a shame that they are so terrible for the environment, I wish I was more sold on Honest.

  2. amanda says

    I got both the ceramic thing and the brush . I like the ceramic thing because you need less soap one squirt can last the day . The brush is great but I use a different soap with mine I find the honest dish soap I got (lavender) didn’t really have suds so I couldn’t tell if my brush still had soap on it or not .


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